Welcome ! Welcome !  I have painted small compositions disguised as postage stamps for about 35 years. In total I have done approximately 300 paintings that size in watercolor and acrylics. They are organized into imaginary countries that issue them and are often glued to envelopes and mailed with additional legal postage stamps from distant places back to me.  I do this on my trips and my friends and patients occasionally take a few with them to mail to me from all over the world.

For this reason I like to call the paintings —> my homing pigeons : )



If you are looking at this page on a desktop or large Ipad — you will see tabs just below the main title at the top of this home page which allow you to explore the site.  If you are looking at this on a small ipad or smartphone — you can access the those tabs  by clicking on the three short horizontal lines next to the magnifiying glass in the upper right corner.

The paintings themselves are all under the The Paintings tab.  You can click and read about each one.  There are many different stories. Each painting has its own page with a heart icon at the bottom and if you like it — please click on the heart– on ipads and smartphones — you will need to click on it twice to get it to go up by one count.

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I have poured my heart into this effort —  so thanks very much for visiting ! I hope it has been worth your time.    Like many of you — I have other passions especially any kind of art —>  visual, music, preforming, crafts.   I also love traveling, my grandsons, hiking, working fire lookouts in the mountains and model airplanes.

If you would like to contact me:  brucebowden1@icloud.com.  Be sure to put the number one ” 1″ after my name in the address.

  Check back when you can and check out my firelookout website = desolationpeak.com

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