3d Ahzz Pigeon in

March 14, 2017 Hi Brett -- your third pigeon from Western Australia made it in great shape.  Love that legal stamp and Airmail sticker !  Readers:  I will have pictures of these three latest pigeons up next week.

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2nd Ahzz pigeon arrives : )

March 10, 2017   Hey Brett --- your 2nd pigeon made it home from Australia in good shape.  It was the boab tree one mailed at Coral Bay.  thanks !!  I will be posting it soon---- will go under Ahzz - Boab Tree.

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Hijacked Zodiac

March 9, 2017 I designed a new "business card"  for this website.  It is a closeup of one of my favorite pigeons---->  mailed from Grytviken, South Georgia Island right where Ernest Shackleton is buried -- not far from  Antartica.  To read more about this particular pigeon -- go the tab - The Paintings and look for Katabatica - [...]

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Donald Evans Original

March 8, 2017 Tibor de Nagy is a long standing and famous gallery in New York City.  Their Director is Sal Schiciano and he helped me recently obtain an original work of my absolute art hero  Donald Evans.  See above image.  Look under the tab Stamp Art to read about Donald.  Here is the text [...]

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Blog up !

March 7, 2017 Hello Everyone  : ) Yahoo, finally have my blog up and going,  Yahoo !  Thanks to Sabaina ! Note to Brett who is roaming around Western Australia with two  homing pigeons left.  The first of the 3 came back last week.  Beautiful to see it and to see the legal stamp and [...]

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