3d Ahzz Pigeon in

March 14, 2017 Hi Brett -- your third pigeon from Western Australia made it in great shape.  Love that legal stamp and Airmail sticker !  Readers:  I will have pictures of these three latest pigeons up next week.

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2nd Ahzz pigeon arrives : )

March 10, 2017   Hey Brett --- your 2nd pigeon made it home from Australia in good shape.  It was the boab tree one mailed at Coral Bay.  thanks !!  I will be posting it soon---- will go under Ahzz - Boab Tree.

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Hijacked Zodiac

March 9, 2017 I designed a new "business card"  for this website.  It is a closeup of one of my favorite pigeons---->  mailed from Grytviken, South Georgia Island right where Ernest Shackleton is buried -- not far from  Antartica.  To read more about this particular pigeon -- go the tab - The Paintings and look for Katabatica - [...]