Trip is closer, my friend Jim

4-28-17  Starting to gather stuff for my trip.  I leave in a few days.  If you live in Amsterdam, Milan, Zurich or Brussels --let me know -- we could have a coffee or beer together. I have been emailing with Jim Henterly who is an artist and fire lookout.  Great combination.  He will be manning [...]

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Getting Ready

4-23-17  I decided to paint a couple of stamps just for Donald Evans to take to Amsterdam with me next month.  His favorite stamp was probably the Gray Douglas Tartan.  I finished perforating one today and will find an envelope for it.....I am pretty excited to see where he lived.......

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4-10-17  Exciting news ----- >  headed to Amsterdam for a few days next month.  This is where Donald Evans spent much of his time and where he died.  Donald is my "patron saint" of this artistic effort and I plan to go to his former address in the inner canal area.  Also am going to [...]

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4-2-17   Just back from a week up on the outer coast of British Columbia at a place called Tofino.  Went on a whale watching trip , saw some laid back sea otters floating along with hands folded and a gray whale feeding in the shallows.  A lot of surfing  in thick wetsuits.   Also [...]

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