Scrimshaw Virtuoso

May 31. 2017  I had coffee with a friend, Matt Stothardt, again yesterday.  What a pleasure.  He is probably the only full time professional scrimshaw artist still working on the West Coast. He has been doing it for 30+ years and has won many awards.  Very humble guy who achieves photorealism quality with a simple [...]

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Stedelijk Museum

May 29, 2017  I made an appointment on our trip with the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam to view Donald Evan's works that they held in the Museum collection.  They were very nice and helped me set up a convenient time.  My wife and I took the tram to Slotermeer station and walked the short distance to [...]

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Painting Pigeons

May 28 2017  While I was on my European trip I managed to fit in painting 2 pigeons -- one in Italy and one in Switzerland. I mailed them to myself in those countries and the one from Switzerland was already home when I got back. The other one has not shown up yet nor [...]

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Incredible good luck

May 26 2017  While in Europe this month I ran across a blog answer by a lady who personally knew my painter hero Donald Evans  ( see the Stamp Art tab to learn who he was ).  So I emailed her from Italy telling her we were headed for Amsterdam and could she meet for [...]

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Lottsa of News

May 23   Just back home last night from a 3 week European trip including Amsterdam -- the  city of Donald Evans my hero  ( see the Stamp Art Tab on this website ).  I was very lucky and visited with 3 people who actually knew him !   Details and images to follow....stay tuned...... [...]

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