Pigeon made it home !

6-26  To my delight my last pigeon from Europe made it home....after 6 weeks I had about given up......then yesterday...it flew into my mailbox.  I don't know where it has been but it was mailed on May 9th.

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Website improvements

6-20-17  I am working on having a comment section under each blog post which gives folks a chance to give their ideas / observations.  Also I get the complaint that I have so many stamps that some are overwhelmed and give up trying to go thru all of them.  So I need to figure out [...]

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Summer activities

6-18-17  Summer is here and I have been busy with other interests including a Wilderness Ranger Course, repairing model airplanes, and riding my bike with my retired doctor buddies for coffee.  I am headed to our annual week at Ross Lake in July and will likely do some Dharma Bums paintings / stamps there.  Stay tuned. [...]

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Lost Pigeon

June 6, 2017   I painted and send a pigeon of focaccia bread in Bellagio, Italy. Alas now 3 weeks later -- no sign of it.  That would make the 6th one I have lost over the years  : (  Regrettably I didn't get a picture of the painting before I put it in the [...]

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Working on a trip

June 1, 2017  When I was on my recent European trip I brought some painting supplies and managed to complete two pigeons -- one in Italy and one in Switzerland.  Here are my setups on hotel desks..........  I didn't bring any of my usual glue but found a glue stick in a small store -- [...]

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