Eclipse Stamps

7-24-17  The US post office has come out with some really cool stamps for the upcoming eclipse.  They appear dark at first : but then after you put your finger on the center of one --- a moon is revealed by your body heat.......... I am hoping to paint a pigeon of two using these [...]

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New pigeons coming

7-23-17  Back from the annual fishing trip to an isolated area in the North Cascades = Ross Lake.  Wonderful mom Merganser with her babies swimming around.  Hope to do a painting of that.  They even hop on her back at times -- riding around, heads high........

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Heading for Ross Lake

7-14-17  My family is headed into Ross Lake in the North Cascades next week.  We stay in a cabin which floats on the water and go fishing in this spiffy blue and white wooden boats. There is no road to the resort -- you have to take two boats and a truck to get there. [...]