Two new Dharma Bums pigeons

11-28-17  Will be adding two new D B stamps showing the view from a west window at Desolation Peak LO. Started these a few years ago, pulled them out and finished them last week.  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday.  : )      

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Two new birds

11-21-17    Completed two new birds for Coppei which I started when I was over for wheat harvest this year.   I will be adding them into the collection ( Paintings Tab ) in the next day or so..... bruce

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New stamps

11-08-17  Just finished two stamps from Coppei after a multi month delay.  I started them back last summer when I went over to Waitsburg, Washington to ride wheat combine with Guy.  I will be posting them shortly.  Also working on another Dharma Bums stamp with a view toward the lake from Desolation Lookout.     [...]

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