Happy Christmas

12-23-17    I want to wish all the folks who have taken time in 2017 to visit this webpage -- > a wonderful holiday.  I hope you are able to spend it with family and travel works out safely.  Snow at Christmas is magical and we are headed into the mountains where there should be [...]

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Neige stamp

12-19-17  Just finished a stamp from the snowy country of Neige.  Look for it in a couple of days.  Also thanks to several people who emailed me Christmas greetings.  Thanks  ! I hope all is well with everyone.  Bruce

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Our dot in the Cosmos

12-9-17  Posted the Carl Sagan painting -- look under the Paintings tab and then select Cosmos - Pale Blue Dot.  I made it thru the surgery ok, now I have a very swollen right foot which I have an icebag on and am trying to keep up......but hey, I got all this stuff I want [...]

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Good News

12-6-17  I finished the tribute stamp to Carl Sagan yesterday and will post some pictures of it in the next few days.  I have foot surgery on Friday ---so it may be a couple of days after that.  Also I am now on Instagram --- if interested you can follow me.  My name is = [...]

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