New Steens

1-25-18.  Just finished a new painting for the country of Steens.  I will put it under the paintings tab with the story.....  

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Old lettering

1-20-18   About 33 years ago I made a reference alphabet in the Donald Evans style.  I had forgotten it —- but ran across it yesterday cleaning out a drawer :    

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On Instagram

1-10-18  Several folks have suggested that I go on Instagram.  So I have started posting there -- will likely try for one stamp image every 10 days or so.   my Instagram name =  paintingpostage  and I have about 4 posts so far. Please follow me.......  Its will be fun.......  : )

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Hot glue

1-2-18  A friend of mine extolled the virtues of hot glue to me -- so I decided to try it.  I occsionally paint on backpacking trips where weight is a big deal.  So I tried taking my Schmicke watercolor pans out of the heavy metal box and gluing them onto a piece of acid free [...]

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