5 Pigeons Flying

2-22-18  My friend Phil was also going to New Zealand this week and was gracious enough to take 2 " late " pigeons that I didn't quite get down in time to send with Brett.  Phil is going to New Plymouth where he worked as a urologist on two different assignments.  Now the total in [...]

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Pigeons about to fly

02-14-18  Handed off 3 pigeons to my friend Brett who is headed for New Zealand on Saturday the 17th. Yahoo !! I hope his flights go smooth ---especially that long run from LAX to AKL  Then the wait will begin to watch for those birds to make it back home.  I will keep you posted. [...]

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2-11-18  I am reading a wonderful book  Nowherelands by Bjorn Berge.  It chronicles about 50 countries that have existed for various periods of time ( usually short ) and then disappeared.  He just has a few pages for each one with interesting vignettes. I am not a history fan but he makes it very palatable. [...]

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New Zealand

2-1-18. A friend of mine is headed to N Zealand later this month and I am trying to come up with a name for a new country.  Anyone have a suggestion for a New Zealand like place ?  

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