Sri Lanka # 1

1-29-19 Hey, first of 3 pigeons made it back from Sri Lanka.  Tom who took it there for me -- spent years in Asia and has riden in many tuk-tuks.  So I couldn't resist  : ) fact I did another one of a tuk-tuk which hopefully will show up later this week.  

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Singapore pigeon

  1-25-19   Yesterday my first pigeon of the latest series --returned -- this one from Singapore.  It is of an elephant reaching into a bag of peanuts......  A great pleasure to see it make it home....the Pacific is a wide ocean......

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Bakery prayers

1-11-19  I did a new stamp to commemorate a recent incident. I was in a local bakery and went to use the small restroom. It just had a toilet, sink and paper towel dispenser. Unfortunately the door handle would not lock -- the little button inside the handle was broken. Since things were urgent in [...]

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Pigeons flying

1-6-19 Tomorrow my friend Tom takes off for Singapore and Sri Lanka and has 4 of my pigeons with him for release. Yahoo ! Also painted one for here -- actually first sketched out on a napkin in a downtown restaurant bathroom. Look for it on Instagram in a couple of days. Then I will [...]

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