Third Camino Pigeon In : )

5-26  Got home from a trip to Oregon and found that the third of the four pigeons from Beth who is hiking the Camino in Spain -- made it back.  Here it is: Yahoo !    

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Second Pigeon in

5-14-19  The second pigeon from Beth's Camino pilgrimage flew in today.  A scallop / sea shell is the symbol of the Camino and pilgrims often wear one on say their hat to designate their intent.  So this stamp represents the " new dawn " for a pilgrim of a new way of life, new values.......

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Paris too

05-10-19  My wife is headed to Paris in a week and I am trying to get a couple of pigeons ready.  Also Beth IS on the Camino as she posted a number of shots from the trail on Instagram.  She is carrying 4 pigeons and  probably has mailed one already..... I just added a painting [...]

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On the Camino

5-4-19  I believe Beth is now hiking the Camino.  Yahoo !  She has the four pigeons with her and will be posting them as she is will soon be time to "scan the skies" each day to see if any birds come into my mailbox.  : )

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