Polar Bear

8-30-19   As promised -- here is a shot of the 4th pigeon.  Not sure why the legal stamp was applied upside down ?  Perhaps to signal the plight of the polar bears with global warming......

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Greenland Pigeon

Hi all -- the 4th and final pigeon made it back while I was on vacation.  It is of a polar bear.  Will post an image soon.

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The pigeon that didn’t go…..

8-6-19  I painted an extra pigeon for Maureen's flights to Greenland which did not go.  I don't like to burden people with too many pigeons  : )  Here it is---   The Neqajaq is a famous powerful barrier wind that blows parallel to the coastline in Greenland.  This view is how I imagine icebergs look [...]

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First pigeon from the Greenland trip makes it in

08-05-19   Very happy to report the first pigeon from Maureen's flights to Greenland has made it back home.....this one mailed on the way in Nova Scotia.  I love the Canadian stamp she chose and the rain lilke drops of the cancellation.  Its a King Eider Duck..  Yahoo !

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Two pigeons flying : )

8-1-19  Received word over the last few days that Maureen has mailed 2 of the 4 pigeons.  One from Nova Scotia and one from an island off of Newfoundland.  Yahoo !  Time to start watching the mailbox......

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