Book Recommendation

    Wonderful book this one.  Its ~ 280 pages taking each color of an artist's palette and going thru the history of how the color came to be & notable events relating to the color over history.  Very readable especially for those who find color --> of the the greatest pleasures in life.   [...]

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1-3-20  Here is the other new one.  My friend Peter may be headed to Australia ( where he grew up ) later this winter which of a course is summer down there......very generous guy and he may be willing to take it with him...

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Another Camino painting

1-2-20  Happy New Year everyone !  My friend Beth took several pigeons on her Camino pilgrimage this summer.  The is one that I did not get done in time before she left --- so recently I finished it up.  Unusual angle, but its a pilgrim in blue jeans sitting down with their sock rolled down [...]

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