3d Awful

04-22-20  Finished up the 3d stamp for the Country of Awful. 15 days in Awful.   In my town I am seeing folks hanging their viral masks from the rear view mirror of their car's windshield.  I wish this virus WAS behind us : )

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Awful 2

04-11-20 I was down on Whidbey Island spending a few days at a beach house and decided to paint another stamp for the new country of Awful.  It is denominated at 10 days in Awful and represents a virus loaded cough   :(

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This pandemic

04-01-2020  This is April Fool's Day in the USA but this Coronavirus is no fool.  The affected numbers here continues to rise and for folks like me in their late 60s -- there is a small threat of death.  So my wife and I have mostly stayed home and gone on walks.  I also ride [...]