Turning 70

I recently turned 70--- please see the stamp from the Country of Domino - Odometer 70 under the Painting Tab which commemorates the milestone.  Anyway I thought you might want to see how I looked........older than I wish but still loving art of all kinds.....

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Starting the Motor

This October at Ross Lake I saw a fisherman across the water in the early morning restarting his motor.  Very peaceful sound since it was a 4 stroke and had the quiet hum of a sewing machine at 50 yards.......  I love that time of day on the water before the breeze shows up and [...]

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Mailbox #11

Here is the mailbox I have used several times over the years at the bottom of the Grand Canyon ( Arizona ) in the Canteen at Phantom Ranch.  Mail here is taken up to the South Rim by mule and posted from there.......

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