New Art Studio

5-15-21  Yahoo !!  I have wanted an art studio for 30+ years and now after a year of work, plans, permits and investigation -- the studio is under construction my backyard...... can't wait to finally have all my art stuff in one place.....  : )

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A Lonesome Sheep

This is a painting of a sheep I was on Bainbridge Island.  It had a puzzled and slightly fearful look.  It seemed like it needed a hug.  Two Dot is ranching country...... I mailed it on Whidbey Island not realizing that the Post Office was using an large  (!*&#**! ) Earth Day postmark which obliterated [...]

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Mailbox #12

This one I spotted in Canada.....can't remember where right now.....inteereestingly decorated with snippets of Canadian zip codes:

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