” Mop Heads “

In August every year in the alpine meadows in the Cascade Mountains, especially in Mt. Rainier, the Pasqueflower sets its seedpods which stand vertically and look like upside down miniature mops:  

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Contemplating the Void

At the Desolation Lookout, some folks who had read Kerouac's novels were familiar with his looking to the north at Hozomeen and comtemplating " the void "  This is a painting of a fellow doing that one afternoon......as seen from the lookout window.....  

By |June 7th, 2021|Blog|

Almost Died that Time

When I was in college to earn money -- I worked three summers on the railroad as an agent - telegrapher.  Part of the duties were copying train orders on a small piece of special paper and " handing them up " to the engineer as the train went by.  This saved them from reducing [...]

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