09-27-19  I went to my 50th high school class reunion last weekend.  There I met a classmate Janet whose husband accidentally learned about my paintings.  His name is Robby Rudine a.k.a. Dogfish and he does stamp art as well !  He calls his outfit the nation of Tui Tui.  Very cool and  in fact he has a brand of machine perforator of which I was unaware ( it is not Rosback ).  He uses computer graphics to create his compositions as below. He and his wife live on a  houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle.  This stamp commemorates the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens in 1981.  Loowit is the Indian name for St. Helens.

Incidentally I knew in a brief way the geologist that was killed in that event — Dave Johnston who was a graduate student at UW where I studied and his fiance was Christine Carlson, who lived at the sorority that I worked at as a houseboy at the time.