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This pandemic

04-01-2020  This is April Fool's Day in the USA but this Coronavirus is no fool.  The affected numbers here continues to rise and for folks like me in their late 60s -- there is a small threat of death.  So my wife and I have mostly stayed home and gone on walks.  I also ride [...]

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Corona Virus and Awful

03-22-20  I have never seen anything like this Corona virus pandemic.  It has shut down businesses, libraries & offices all over this town. Work is gone for folks in restuarants.  People have to stay home just when we all need to be together to support each other.  Its awful on many dimensions.    So I [...]

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3-06-20  Wow!  This Coronavirus epidemic is causing major changes at least here in the Northwest of the USA.  Many companies are having their workers stay home and use the cloud.  My older friends are cancelling our coffee dates at Starbucks and have stopped going to movies.  The stock market continues downward for the most part. [...]

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02-21-20  A friend of mine, Cactus, was in Amsterdam and sent me the following picture of windmills on the coast -- it reminded me so much of Donald Evans my hero  ( see the tab on this website -->  Stamp Art ) and here is a page of Donald's windmill paintings

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New Painting up

2-02-20  Cool date !  Anyway here is the new painting from the Islands.  As I mentioned in my Instagram post --- it is a tragic but beautiful story.  Find it under the Paintings tab @  Skookum - Van Gogh........

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Friday Harbor

01-27-20  My wife and I went to Friday Harbor last week to relax for a few days and give me a chance to do some research for a memorial painting of a patient of mine.  Washington State has a system of ferries that get you there....at sunset time they make for a spectacular ride.  Friday [...]

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Book Recommendation

    Wonderful book this one.  Its ~ 280 pages taking each color of an artist's palette and going thru the history of how the color came to be & notable events relating to the color over history.  Very readable especially for those who find color --> of the the greatest pleasures in life.   [...]

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1-3-20  Here is the other new one.  My friend Peter may be headed to Australia ( where he grew up ) later this winter which of a course is summer down there......very generous guy and he may be willing to take it with him...

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Another Camino painting

1-2-20  Happy New Year everyone !  My friend Beth took several pigeons on her Camino pilgrimage this summer.  The is one that I did not get done in time before she left --- so recently I finished it up.  Unusual angle, but its a pilgrim in blue jeans sitting down with their sock rolled down [...]

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Two new pigeons

12-23-19  just finished up 2 pigeons, one I had started for the Camino and one of surfing for Ahzz.  Pictures soon..... Merry Christmas and Best of the Season everyone......

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