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Studio sign

I have had this sign for years but just recently finally got it mounted near the door to my new studio.  It was layered out of thick aluminum by a local boat builder for me.....  It is fun that almost 1200 people visited this website in April.  I hope all of you enjoyed some time [...]

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First pigeon

Here is the first one that came back.  It is painted similar to a style used by Donald Evans when he first got to the Netherlands and was staying out in the countryside.... in particular " behind the dike " or Achterdijk.  Regrettably after my friend Robby took great pains to cancel it just catching [...]

By |April 7th, 2023|Blog|

Pigeons in flight ……

Friends of mine -- Janet and Robby were nice enough to have taken two of my pigeons on their European trip.  They released them yesterday from Amsterdam.     I am pretty excited as they are commemoratives for Donald Evans----painted in his style:    

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Some new painting coming soon.  My classmate and her husband are going to Amsterdam this month and I wanted to send two pigeons with them.  Also my wife is going to Paris in May and I wanted a couple for her too.  Stay tuned !

By |March 3rd, 2023|Blog|

Hotel Walls

I was thinking the other day that my paintings / stamps / homing pigeons would make a good decor for the walls of a hotel----as the images evoke travel and little delights and special moments of insight

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Here are the three paintings

Please see the previous post about the Inuit saying to understand the inspiration for these 3 paintings.  Which one do you like the best ?  If you like --- email me with your choice -- brucebowden1@iclooud.com........... #1 #2 #3  sealskin mitts

By |January 28th, 2023|Blog|

Powerful Inuit ( Eskimo ) saying

And yet, there is only One great thing, The only thing: To live; To see in huts and on journeys The great day that dawns, And the light that fills the world ------ I first saw this in a book in 1977 and have remembered ever since. It has inspired 3 paintings recently which I [...]

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