5-5-18  Just back from staying the firelookout on the summit of Hager Mountain ( 7100 feet ) near Silver Lake, Oregon. Got caught in a blizzard up there ( 2 pictures below — one of my tracks in the snow and the other of whiteout looking from inside the hut—

showing the stove and thank heavens — the wood stove with some dry wood )…… I have 3 pigeons in the air now and will post pictures when they arrive…… Yahoo !  There were a bit of challenge because I forgot my small eraser and my forceps.   Also my hands were tired and cold from chopping wood ( and I didn’t gloves along not expecting winter conditions in May ) and fine movements were a bit erratic when painting : )  Did the best I could…… so —>   I could release them before the long drive home.   I love it when I have pigeons flying home with me  : )  I hope everyone is well.  Hi to Su.   bruce