New pigeon

A friend of mine, Mary is a scuba diver and snorkeler and is headed to Asia on a diving trip in October. She has graciously ( again ) offered to take some pigeons and so I was thinking about it the other day in an odd way.  I thought hey, the earth is kind of [...]

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Pitcairn Longboat

6-17-2020 I was going thru some old files and came upon this second painting I did of the Pitcairn Islanders returning in their longboat from selling carvings to a passing ship. I had done another one which was taken to Pitcairn by Max Hurlburt and you can find it in the listings.  This one has [...]

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More Awful — George Floyd

Watching the life being snuffed out of George Floyd by the police was very emotional for me.  It had an effect in my gut and I think that is true of many people -- evidence of which are the worldwide demonstrations.  If I were a sculptor -- I would do a life size statue of [...]

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Postbox 1

I thought it would be fun to show some of the cool postal boxes I have seen over the years.  This is one that I saw Santorini Island in Greece.  If you have one you would like me to post -- please send me the picture with details of where it was : )  

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The other day I thought hey -- time to paint a pigeon to use as a pigeon  : )  So I drew one out but ran out of room so rather than making the stamp bigger -- I just painted the bottom of the bird  : )

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Color – The joy never gets old

05-3-20  I have started playing around with colors for my next pigeon.  I just love sitting down and dipping into my watercolor pans and checking out all the variations.  I feel a bit like a lesser god who has been given temporary permission to change his small world..... a privilege for anyone who paints... an [...]

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3d Awful

04-22-20  Finished up the 3d stamp for the Country of Awful. 15 days in Awful.   In my town I am seeing folks hanging their viral masks from the rear view mirror of their car's windshield.  I wish this virus WAS behind us : )

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