Pigeons in flight ……

Friends of mine -- Janet and Robby were nice enough to have taken two of my pigeons on their European trip.  They released them yesterday from Amsterdam.     I am pretty excited as they are commemoratives for Donald Evans----painted in his style:    

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Some new painting coming soon.  My classmate and her husband are going to Amsterdam this month and I wanted to send two pigeons with them.  Also my wife is going to Paris in May and I wanted a couple for her too.  Stay tuned !

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Hotel Walls

I was thinking the other day that my paintings / stamps / homing pigeons would make a good decor for the walls of a hotel----as the images evoke travel and little delights and special moments of insight

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Here are the three paintings

Please see the previous post about the Inuit saying to understand the inspiration for these 3 paintings.  Which one do you like the best ?  If you like --- email me with your choice -- brucebowden1@iclooud.com........... #1 #2 #3  sealskin mitts

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Powerful Inuit ( Eskimo ) saying

And yet, there is only One great thing, The only thing: To live; To see in huts and on journeys The great day that dawns, And the light that fills the world ------ I first saw this in a book in 1977 and have remembered ever since. It has inspired 3 paintings recently which I [...]

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The Rains have come…….

On the way into Ross Lake I stopped at the NOCA Fire Office in Marblemount and one of the helicopter pilots showed me a picture he had taken from  over the south end of the lake up toward the Desolation Fire(s).  You can see the plume in the picture.... Here is what it looked like [...]

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Pigeons ( Paintings ) flying

Currently I have two sets of paintings on their way -- three with a commercialcaptain headed to Alaska for fishing season and five with my good friend Mary--who is on her way to a dive trip to Indonesia.   Pictures to follow when the " birds " make it back home...... Wow !  fun......  bruce

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New webcards

 I made up  web cards to give people I meet who want to remember this website.  Here is a picture of my new one using a cowboy hat I painted in Eastern Oregon. And below that is the card I did for my Instagram account:        

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