South Georgia Photos

The New York Times just published a great article on South Georgia Island with some wonderful pictures: bruce

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Well Beth is off on her Camino hike.  She was agreeable to taking all 5 pigeons that I painted for the pilgrimage.  I will post them here and on Instagram as the birds make it back home.......  She is already a saint in my book for putting up with my crazy art form  : ) [...]

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Camino de Santiago

My friend Beth and one of her best friends Heidi are walking the Camino again--this time the whole way.  And they are willing to take some pigeons again.  So I have been busy pondering ideas and trying them out on paper......hope to have four for her to take on the 15th of April. Yahoo !

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Hi there, finally after two years of start and stop construction--- I am moving my art supplies into my new studio.  Yahoo !  Here is my sign which I got up on some shelves today.  It is laser cut from aluminum for me by a boat builder here in town....nice job I thought---he followed my [...]

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Back painting : )

Hi All, I am finally back painting a bit as time permits.  Feels so good. My art building in the backyard should be ready for me by next month. It has taken a huge amount of effort.   Meanwhile a friend was going to Antarctica and so I got busy.  Here is one of an [...]

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Merry Christmas

Between 500-1000 people check this website every month.  I appreciate all that interest. I wish YOU the best of the holiday season.......  As I have been trying to get my backyard studio done --- so have not been painting.  I am getting closer though and now have heat on via a heat pump.  It has [...]

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Grand Canyon Artist in Residence

  I recently applied for a Grand Canyon National Park Artist in Residence.  I hope they like my paintings - a good number of which concern the canyon.  I have spent a fair amount of time below the rim and have stories to tell.  In fact I enjoy giving talks.  Hopefully I will get a [...]

By |September 20th, 2021|Blog|

Still ticking

Mostly working on the studio --maybe I can move in by October...   as a break -- I built a cedar frame and framed my son's Patagonia  Baggie shorts.  He wore them and then his boys worn them 25 years later and they still look good for a third generational go.......

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