Pitcairn Longboat

6-17-2020 I was going thru some old files and came upon this second painting I did of the Pitcairn Islanders returning in their longboat from selling carvings to a passing ship. I had done another one which was taken to Pitcairn by Max Hurlburt and you can find it in the listings.  This one has [...]

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More Awful — George Floyd

Watching the life being snuffed out of George Floyd by the police was very emotional for me.  It had an effect in my gut and I think that is true of many people -- evidence of which are the worldwide demonstrations.  If I were a sculptor -- I would do a life size statue of [...]

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Postbox 1

I thought it would be fun to show some of the cool postal boxes I have seen over the years.  This is one that I saw Santorini Island in Greece.  If you have one you would like me to post -- please send me the picture with details of where it was : )  

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The other day I thought hey -- time to paint a pigeon to use as a pigeon  : )  So I drew one out but ran out of room so rather than making the stamp bigger -- I just painted the bottom of the bird  : )

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Color – The joy never gets old

05-3-20  I have started playing around with colors for my next pigeon.  I just love sitting down and dipping into my watercolor pans and checking out all the variations.  I feel a bit like a lesser god who has been given temporary permission to change his small world..... a privilege for anyone who paints... an [...]

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3d Awful

04-22-20  Finished up the 3d stamp for the Country of Awful. 15 days in Awful.   In my town I am seeing folks hanging their viral masks from the rear view mirror of their car's windshield.  I wish this virus WAS behind us : )

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Awful 2

04-11-20 I was down on Whidbey Island spending a few days at a beach house and decided to paint another stamp for the new country of Awful.  It is denominated at 10 days in Awful and represents a virus loaded cough   :(

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This pandemic

04-01-2020  This is April Fool's Day in the USA but this Coronavirus is no fool.  The affected numbers here continues to rise and for folks like me in their late 60s -- there is a small threat of death.  So my wife and I have mostly stayed home and gone on walks.  I also ride [...]

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Corona Virus and Awful

03-22-20  I have never seen anything like this Corona virus pandemic.  It has shut down businesses, libraries & offices all over this town. Work is gone for folks in restuarants.  People have to stay home just when we all need to be together to support each other.  Its awful on many dimensions.    So I [...]

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3-06-20  Wow!  This Coronavirus epidemic is causing major changes at least here in the Northwest of the USA.  Many companies are having their workers stay home and use the cloud.  My older friends are cancelling our coffee dates at Starbucks and have stopped going to movies.  The stock market continues downward for the most part. [...]

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