First new pigeon in from Australia

3-20-19  YAHOO !   The first pigeon made it back into my mailbox across the road this afternoon.  I will post a picture soon.  Is a pair of boardshorts on the clothesline.  Thanks to Brett !!!!!  

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Not yet

3-9-19  No pigeons yet have flown in from Australia.  Probably first one anytime now.......  : )

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New Surfing

3-4-19 Added a new painting -- of a surfer hanging on the crest of the wave---it has been popular -- 21 likes which ties my record on Instagram for a painting : )

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Pigeons Flying

2-25-19  My friend Brett has taken 3 new pigeons to in a week or two I can start "scanning the skies " for the birds to begin returning.  I believe he is going to be down there for 4 weeks or so and may be texting me an occasional picture -- maybe of a [...]

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More Information on Each Pigeon

2-22-19  With all these Blog posts -- you can find more information and a bigger image under The Paintings tab for  2019 - 2021.  The Blog and Instagram are a way of announcing a new pigeon whereas the entry under The Paintings tab is the real deal. : )

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Storm Bound Tent

2-19-19 Some years ago I kayaked to a small island off the coast, pulled my kayak high up on shore and pitched my tent.  The weather report was for a storm later in the day so I had the fly on the tent and the guy lines taut.  When it hit hard---- I was comfortable [...]

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Home again

2-18-19  Just home tonight from a two week trip to California and Arizona.  I will be updating the Blog in the next few days and also upgrading the images in the Blog and The Paintings tab.  I have converted over to a new host and new theme.  Stay tuned  : )   bruce

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Sri Lanka # 1

1-29-19 Hey, first of 3 pigeons made it back from Sri Lanka.  Tom who took it there for me -- spent years in Asia and has riden in many tuk-tuks.  So I couldn't resist  : ) fact I did another one of a tuk-tuk which hopefully will show up later this week.  

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