Cascadia – Firewood Rodeo


firewood rodeo 2

firewood rodeo 1


My family and I have stayed for a week at a resort on Ross Lake each summer for 25 years.  The cabins float on the water and so many years ago I made up a game I called the Firewood Rodeo.  It involves a piece of firewood thrown into the water, then the contestant drives a boat backwards ( stern first ) and tries to push the block of wood without handling it — past a finish line.  If you drive too slow, your time is too slow and if you drive too fast –then the wood is sucked under the boat and you lose… it takes a delicate touch to win…..usually the best time is around 20 seconds.  This homing pigeon was sent to the ( now deceased ) owner of the resort….a very colorful character know for his shenanigans nicknamed  ” Krazy  Kat “.

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