Mailbox #7

This is one I saw in Turkey---- PTT stands for Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı----  very cool -- I love the simplicity of this box and the distinctive Turkish symbol --

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Mailbox #6

This is one I spotted in Malta in the Mediterranean---if  you live in Malta you may be able to find it--somewhere in central Valetta .....

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Iran & a lost pigeon

8-20-20.      11 months ago in September 2019 a friend of mine, Peter, took two pigeons for me to Iran.  He mailed them there -- one in Tehran and one in Isfahan.  They didn't return even after he got back and I gave up on them as lost.  ALAS ! or as Peter said, [...]

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New pigeon

A friend of mine, Mary is a scuba diver and snorkeler and is headed to Asia on a diving trip in October. She has graciously ( again ) offered to take some pigeons and so I was thinking about it the other day in an odd way.  I thought hey, the earth is kind of [...]

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Pitcairn Longboat

6-17-2020 I was going thru some old files and came upon this second painting I did of the Pitcairn Islanders returning in their longboat from selling carvings to a passing ship. I had done another one which was taken to Pitcairn by Max Hurlburt and you can find it in the listings.  This one has [...]

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