1-3-20  Here is the other new one.  My friend Peter may be headed to Australia ( where he grew up ) later this winter which of a course is summer down there......very generous guy and he may be willing to take it with him...

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Another Camino painting

1-2-20  Happy New Year everyone !  My friend Beth took several pigeons on her Camino pilgrimage this summer.  The is one that I did not get done in time before she left --- so recently I finished it up.  Unusual angle, but its a pilgrim in blue jeans sitting down with their sock rolled down [...]

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Two new pigeons

12-23-19  just finished up 2 pigeons, one I had started for the Camino and one of surfing for Ahzz.  Pictures soon..... Merry Christmas and Best of the Season everyone......

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12-9-19  Haven't done much painting recently because of traveling and now all the holiday preparations.  Hopefully soon.  Here is a picture of another one of my artforms -- dominoes.  My family and I go to a lake up in the mountains every summer.  The resort has a woodshop they let me use and so I [...]

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A Chapter From Chatwin

12-7-19  Here is a small paragraph from the chapter about Donald Evans in Chatwin's book: IN February 1972, he packed his watercolours and a stack of perforated papers and flew to Holland where a friend had rented a cottage ' behind the dike ' ( Achterdijk ) near a village not far from Utrecht.  Immediately [...]

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Bruce Chatwin, Travel Writer

11-25-19  If you get a chance hunt up a copy of Bruce Chatwin's book  What Am I Doing Here. He has a chapter in there reviewing Eisenhart's book I mentioned in my chapter on Stamp Art i.e  The World of Donald Evans.  My copy puts it at page 263.  Very nicely written.  Wonderful to read [...]

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Lost ? — I guess

11-20-19  Well the paintings I did for my friend's Iranian trip have not showed up at all and its been about 6 weeks. So unfortunately I suspect they are lost for good.  : (   I remembered this time to take pictures of them before I gave them to Peter to take to Tehran.

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Back home again

11-09-19  I have been on a road trip to Georgia, South and North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee over the last month -- so I have not been adding any posts.  I was hoping when I returned that one or both of the two pigeons that my friend Peter posted in Iran would have made it [...]

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Not yet

10-7-19  Well, my pigeons from Iran are not back yet...... but I did finish another Surfing painting for the country of Motu.  This one is a distant view of a surfer coming out of a tube......  

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A classmate’s husband

09-27-19  I went to my 50th high school class reunion last weekend.  There I met a classmate Janet whose husband accidentally learned about my paintings.  His name is Robby Rudine a.k.a. Dogfish and he does stamp art as well !  He calls his outfit the nation of Tui Tui.  Very cool and  in fact he [...]

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