Dharma Bums – Hiking Shoes




Dharma Bums

In April 2014 I had the good fortune of spending a couple of nights in the fire loookout at the top of Hager Mountain in central Oregon.  I brought some paints and appreciative of my new hiking shoes from Altria that have large toe boxes…..I painted them  : )  I had narrow feet growing up but after spenting two years in flip flops living in Hawaii — they spread out to an “B” width from a “E” width and have been wide ever since. When you hoist a backpack….the extra weight tends to widen your feet even more…..so very nice to have the extra room for the toes !  By the way Hager is a very prominent conical mountain and in the evening, the shadows it throws — go for miles — spectacular. Note the addressee — a classic Dharma Bum — often known as the King of the Beats !  The third picture looking down at the art supplies I backpacked up to the Lookout before I laid them out to paint.

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