Dharma Bums – Radio



Dharma Bums

This is the radio that the National Park Service issues you and the rest of the backcountry folks.  The orange or black bottom twists off and is called the clamshell.  It contains nine AA batteries.  Sometimes on a firelookout when it is stormy — the only human voices you hear all day are from this radio.  It also functions as a party line of sorts — you can monitor all the other transmissions and find out all the news from across the north and south units of the North Cascades National Park or whatever park you are working in. And once or twice a day — they will broadcast the weather including the fire risk factors and the upcoming forecast over the network of repeaters and radios.  I try not to miss that —so if “nature calls” about the time its due—I take the radio along and prop it on a tree nearby……

by me at NOCA in 2012.