Domino – It’s me !




This is a self portrait done by me for my 60th birthday. Its pretty close to how I look — graying hair and mustache, balding, glasses……. There is some subtle humor in the waved cancellation because I used to have wavy black hair when I was young.  You will notice the postmark lists it as mailed on October 30, 2010.  The place was a very small town of Penasco, New Mexico on the “high road” between Sante Fe and Taos.  I really wanted to get my pigeon postmarked exactly on my birthday and pulled into the post office in this town at 2 mintues to 12 noon, unaware that the post office closed at 12 noon.  Wish shoe — just made it  : ). You notice the Winslow Homer US stamp — he is my favorite artist.  While I like his oil paintings — its is his watercolors that I admire the most.  If I could have lunch with any deceased American artist — it would be him.  The other reference here are the two young boys ( which I was once ) on the US stamp contemplating the sixty year old that I have become……  : )

by me in Penasco, New Mexico on my 60th birthday.