Domino – Odometer
2016-05-02 09.13.02




People talk about “turning 60 ” or whatever age and I have always thought of that like a car odometer wherein the digits slowly turn into position to give increasing readings.  So I painted this stamp with that idea in mind.  I was in Santa Fe for my 60 th birthday and went to the main post office where I asked the clerk if he could hand stamp my pigeon?   With that he handed me the postmark stamp and invited me to do it.  I think he was afraid of messing up the artwork.  What he didn’t tell me that the stamped was just freshly inked and leaked besides.  I pressed it down firmly and then pulled it up and to my horror – the ink had leaked all over the one side. I took it, threw it in a mail slot in the lobby and walked outside —- sick to my stomach..  I should have done a trial stamping on a scrap piece of paper.  But now looking back now, I treasure it — it graphically demonstrates the unpredictability of life  : )  To further reinforce that — somewhere in its return flight to me, the envelope was torn on the bottom edge and then taped by the postal system.

by me in Santa Fe 10-30-2010