March 8, 2017

Tibor de Nagy is a long standing and famous gallery in New York City.  Their Director is Sal Schiciano and he helped me recently obtain an original work of my absolute art hero  Donald Evans.  See above image.  Look under the tab Stamp Art to read about Donald.  Here is the text of a thank you note I wrote in appreciation  —


Life can be disheartening, difficult, depressing, chaotic and busy….. but always it seems—- one can notice a pretty girls smile, or pink in the sky or taste some chocolate or meet a friend or hear an old familiar song.

Donald invented an art form, a difficult variation of stamp art,  that I fell into after trying many different ones — it fits me just right and that is why I have stuck with it for 30 years.  Over and over it gave me a way of celebrating the magic in life — trying to poke up thru the daily deluge of demands.  He lives on in me and you and others though it has been 40 years since he died.  That outlet his example provided has been essential to me, saved me at times, gave me a esthetic dimension that gave voice to my gratitude.

More than most, I believe you would understand for me after 30 years — the deep pleasure of holding something he also held — of sharing a a small piece of common joy….both of us saying……life is beautiful.

thank you for that,