Gumbo – Hurry Up




I have gone up to Alberta and helped with harvest a few times on the family farm.  A big threat at harvest time on the Great Plains is rain – which would dampen the grain and cause it to go moldy.  Out in that immense flat country you can see a storm approaching from miles away.  I had fortuitous luck with this bird –> the postal cancellation was digital and the effect was that of raindrops slanting down across the painting. You can see the distant tree break of green which usually signifies the border of the field as well as the presence of a small stream or spring. The  yellow band is the cut edge of the ripe wheat.   I enjoyed using the Canadian farm stamp showing a tractor mailbox. The perforations are primitive — done with a ponce wheel.  Didn’t have the Rosback then.

A side note:  even though I have lived that last 30 years in western Washington State — the land of a zillion fir trees, I also very much love the huge open skies of the prairies.  I miss them too…….  : (

by me @ Sexsmith, Alberta Canada the nearest town to the family farm.