Haute Route – Z day



Haute Route

Zermatt is the end, the goal of the Haute Route.  We stayed the night before in the Europahutte, a mountain hut perched high over the final valley and then on a clear sunny day we hiked down into Zermatt……loving a pun………..I told my son Adley that morning  -THIS is “zee” day !! It took 2 weeks of hiking to get there and it felt great !  I had fun with the address label — cutting it into the shape of the Matterhorn which looms over Zermatt. We had purchased vouchers for each nights stay through a company called Distant Journeys but had no idea what the place would be like each day until we got there.  As it happened, the nicest place of all was there in Zermatt.

by me in Zermatt, Switzerland in 2005