Ho’zho’ – Arrow in the Heart


I had a solo practice of medicine and thus not only had to take care of patients but also do all the business side like hiring and firing, credentialing, negotiating with insurance companies, community talks,  hospital committees, etc. etc.  It seemed to take all my waking time. So when my son Adley was young and kept asking me during one winter  if we could go skiing together — regrettably I kept putting him off.  Finally after pestering me yet again — I agreed,  set aside a Saturday and off we went in the early hours on the one hour drive up into the mountains.  We skied all day until the place shut down and it was getting dark.  On the way home in the warm, small, snug car with its humming wheels,  the radio on low and the snow still gently coming down outside — he fell asleep.  The old Volvo had a front bench seat and  the bumps in the road slowly caused him to slide against me, his head coming to rest on my shoulder.  There he slept until we pulled in the driveway at home.

The love and connection of that little body against mine changed me forever– I resolved to come home from the office on time and spend more hours with the family.  And I did just that. No kidding.  Harry Chapin’s song  “Cats in the Cradle” began playing in my mind and I sure didn’t want him to “grow up just like ( that ) me” .  Adley and I went on to many subsequent adventures together——- but it started on that drive home on that a cold snowy winter night.

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