Lines – Audrey 1




One of favorite old time movies is Breakfast at Tiffanys staring Audrey Hepburn.  She captures a fun easy innocent type of sexuality — sort of a peek-a-boo style— which I love.  The author Truman Capote liken her to a geisha girl.   Mickey Rooney as Mr Yunioshi upstairs was classic.  The 727  fifth avenue address in New York is Tiffany’s.

The movie’s theme song  ” Moon River ” haunts me still………..I remember singing it to quietly to myself in high school many many years ago — riding the ski bus back to town one night looking at my reflection in the dark bus side window ……wondering what was ahead for me in life……would I be  “crossing you in style some day ?  ”  I think we all have a few songs which bring back a flood of memories.  Because the movie was released in 1961 when I was but 11 years old— the people in my life that come up instantly are all pretty much gone now…….in that song there is the line  ”  moon river you dreammaker, you heartbreaker ”  and so that song cuts deep for me.

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