Motu- Wave

2016-05-01 14.06.22




My family and I were in Rarotonga ( Cook Islands ) some years ago and were astonished to see a sailboat, Illusion, from Bellingham tied up in the harbor. We hailed the owners who indeed came from Bellingham (our hometown). Incredible ! So they graciously agreed to take a couple of pigeons for me which I hurriedly painted up. We had a nice dinner with them before they left Raro on their boat. This pigeon  was mailed from Vanuatu —a very isolated place & I was thrilled to get it back.  The third picture was taken by them in Vanuata at the postal shop just before mailing it.  A year later I met Bob back in Bellingham and we went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival together.

By Bob and Cary Deringer in Port Vila, Vanuatu in 2004. After years of cruising the Pacific, they sold their boat in Australia and moved to Hawaii.  They also mailed a pigeon from Niue for me —>  look for Motu – Lucky Dog.