Nari – Dress


I wanted to show here that standards for dress in Muslim country for women are becoming more relaxed…..this the pink shoes peeking out from under the traditional dress.  I mean no disrespect with this image and a family friend who is Iranian felt it was ok.

by Peter Telfer in 2019  Unfortunately like its Nari mate, this pigeon has also been lost — I did not get it back  : (
Curiously, a patient of mine took a very similar painting to Iran ~ 10 years ago and it never returned either.  So I am guessing that the censors did not approve and destroyed both.  I regret that our governments are at odds as I find Iranians to be wonderful. About 5 years ago I hiked the Tietons with two Iranian gentlemen and we had a good time.  They have always been nice to me.