Organ – Kidney & Remy




My good friend’s wife – Diane Woods – donated one of her kidneys in 2016 to her brother, a diabetic.  For me, that is an incredibly generous gift, one I would probably not be able to make.  To commemorate her gift, I created a new country ” Organ” and painted the harvested  kidney resting in the surgeon’s glove — ready to be transplanted into her brother.  To emphasize the miracle of it — I send the letter on ahead to Phantom Ranch where the river runners pickup their mail from a box in the canteen— to see if I could hike in and find it ( which I did ! ).  And to further the miracle and strike a parallel– I put the legal stamp of Remy being held by Alfredo ( from the Disney movie Ratatouille ) next to the Organ stamp.  Yahoo !

by me in Bellingham, WA in 2016.