Pau – Pattern




When I was in Siena Italy years ago, as a painter, I was very excited to get some Siena pigment—-a varied reddish brown color which is famous in art circles.  So I hunted down an art supply store in the old walled part of town and went in…..alas, all the supplies were behind the counter — so I could not bring a paint tube up to the register nor could I point one out.  The owners were an older couple who didn’t understand English and couldn’t figure out my pantomime routine.  So after a few minutes they simply ignored me.  In time I gave up and walked out of the shop frustrated.  About a hour and half later, I tried again hoping for a different person behind the counter…..but no luck…..same couple and they immediately recognized me and I think suspected I was trying to shoplift or something.  I gave up again.  Near the end of the day, my wife said that we had to leave town in a half hour  and out of desperation I went back to the shop…….only this time I had a new plan.  I just stood there looking at them and begin to cry.   They immediately beccame agitated and the wife ran and got a young boy who spoke English.  I told him what I needed and presto — laid out in front of me quickly were a wide variety of watercolor, oil, raw powder and pastel versions of Siena pigment.  I chose some tubes of the watercolor, paid and thanked all of them profusely,  By this time the older couple had  tears as well, tears of delight that we finally connected and the mystery of this strange customer was solved.   : )  You can see some of these shades above.

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