Pau – Cat with a Lisp

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In 1998 we took the kids to the Grand Canyon for Christmas.  We stayed at the El Tovar, right on the rim and had a white Christmas.  Very memorable.  My daughter, Ashley, got a Gameboy from Santa Claus and was playing games on the little machine when the rest of us in the room want to go to sleep.  So I asked her to shut it off and she said she couldn’t do that….so I asked her to put the game on pause and resume in the morning but then she said that phrase that I mentioned at her wedding years later –  ” Dad, I am not a pause kind of gal……”  Its cool that the US Post office at the time was featuring Sylvester the cat on a stamp.  Sylvester had a lisp to his speech and Ashley had a local t-shirt once which mimicked that saying across the chest –> ”  The Pathific Nrthvest ” advertising Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

by me at the Grand Canyon in 1998