Skookum – Van Gogh



DESiGN:  This painting has a story and is a tribute to a patient of mine.  She owned a bookstore and when I was over in the islands seeing patients once a month –sometimes at the end of the day I would have time to stop in on my walk to catch the ferry back home.  In the back of her bookstore on the wall she had a small poster with a quote by Vincent Van Gogh  ” I think that I still have it in my heart someday to paint a bookshop with the front window yellow and pink in the evening….like a light in the midst of the darkness. ”  I told her one time that if she ever closed the business I would like to buy that poster.  Regrettably, she passed relatively young away from cancer in 2006.  Her bookshop lives on though, continued by a good friend of hers.  The poster has been lost in the move……but I took Van Gogh’s suggestion and painted Susan’s old front shop door one evening last week for her.  The U.S. stamp in the other corner commemorates perhaps a summer romance she had with a visiting professor who was doing research at a nearby oceanographic lab studying tide pool invertebrates.


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