May 29, 2017  I made an appointment on our trip with the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam to view Donald Evan’s works that they held in the Museum collection.  They were very nice and helped me set up a convenient time.  My wife and I took the tram to Slotermeer station and walked the short distance to their archive facility.  There the assistant director met me and laid out what they had of Donalds for me to examine and photograph.  Wonderful experience — very accommodating folks.

Donald kept a listing of all his stamps, their denominations, design and colors in a document called The Catalogue of the World.   It was my chance to see this listing I had long dreamed to see — and their it was !!!  It is about 200 loose pages of about 4000 total stamps detailed that he painted over his ( short ) life.  There were no color copies in his day so he just used black and white images for each group/ country.  The numbers in the column refer to the denomination that he gave each one.