Steens – Proghorn



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Hart Mountain in southern Oregon ( west of Steens Mountain ) is a large area of open rangeland set aside to give the native Pronghorn antelope an area for survival.  The are beautiful and fast.  This area also as some natural hot springs… particular… campground has developed that feature with concrete & rock enclosures and places to sit.  It is down in a draw and there is a wide open view of the area and surrounding hills while you soak.  I stayed there one night having been on the road by myself for a week.  A family from Maupin ,Oregon invited me spontaneously to share their campfire and I felt very grateful for the conversation. A few years later, I made it a point to stay at their wonderful lodge on the banks of he Deschutes River near some great steelhead fishing.  The third picture was taken when I was painting this pigeon at Malheur Research Station before driving over to Hart Mountain.

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