7-10-18  Full on sunny warm summer days and long buoyant fragrant evenings now.  You dream of this all winter and here it is  : )  Haven’t been painting lately — more riding my bike with my retired friends to coffee / lunch, hiking and flying my model airplanes.  Above is my latest model –ultra lightweight and capable of flying very slow — which I love !  I hope if you are in the northern hemisphere that your summer is going well too.  Our ex foreign student, Cami, is back in France for an extended visit ( she lives in Australia ) and today the French beat the Belgians in the semi finals of the World Cup  ( soccer ) so she is probably celebrating with her friends.  Next week my family and I go up into the mountains to stay at a cabin floating on the water.  Two of my “countries” are set there — Dharma Bums and Cascadia.